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When Should You Have Newborn Photos Taken? – Asheville Infant Photographer

There is a lot that goes into preparing for your new baby! Sometimes newborn photography gets pushed to the back burner and either the perfect window is missed or it gets pushed off all together. The truth is, as a Lake Norman infant photographer, I have found that babies are cute no matter when they are photographed. However, if you really want those sweet, curly poses then 5-10 days old is your best shot. Newborns still possess many of their womb like tendencies and they do not mind being curled up to be photographed. If you must wait until later due to unexpected or unavoidable reasons, you will still be able to capture your sweet baby’s features. It’s just important that you don’t fixate on having those perfect ‘newborn’ shots.

When should I schedule my session? – I would recommend scheduling your session as soon as possible. Once you find out you are expecting and you decide which photographer you would like to go with, I would schedule then. Even though your photographer might not be booked that far in advance, it will be one less thing to worry about.

Who should be present for my session? – Whoever is going to actually be in the photographs. I would not recommend inviting extended family to take part in the pictures, either. While newborns do sleep soundly, commotion will make them more restless. The goal of your photographs is to capture you little one when they are peacefully asleep or at least resting. Too much stimulation will not contribute to that objective.

Where will the session be held? – As a Lake Norman infant photographer I shoot in Asheville and Lake Norman areas. I will come to your home for the session so that everyone feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

If you are interested in seeing my newborn work, check out the link below!

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